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If-So Dynamic Content is a WordPress plugin that helps you to display dynamic content to users based on their search terms, language, geolocation, and much more.

Deliver dynamic content to visitors based on their characteristics and site interactions

Have you ever seen content on a website so relevant that it felt like it was speaking directly to you? (See also: Taylor Swift’s music when you’re alone…sobs)

It’s not magic—it’s dynamic content, aka content that changes based on the user looking at it.

Want to harness this data-driven tactic to increase conversions on your website?

If so, meet If-So Dynamic Content, your new favorite WordPress plugin.

  • Personalize content on your site in minutes using any page builder—zero codings needed.
  • Track the dynamic versions of content with built-in statistics.
  • Alternative to: Pardot, ActiveDEMAND.
  • Best for: Digital marketing agencies and site owners looking to deliver dynamic content based on unique visitor characteristics.

Every customer is different, and the creators of If-So recognize that.

This WordPress plugin helps display dynamic content to site visitors based on “conditions” (or parameters), such as search terms, location, pages visited, or the number of visits.

Compatible with any page builder, If-So lets you customize any content on the page (even menu items) and allows you to create as many versions as you want.

Best of all, it’s coding-free!

With this dynamic content, your site visitors will get a personalized, relevant experience, thus improving conversion rates.

Create dynamic content and calls to action in minutes—no coding required.

If-So also allows you to create dynamic calls to action based on the time of day as well as your business hours.

For instance, you can make a CTA that says “Click to Call” when your business is open or use a form to capture lead information during the hours your business is closed.

Plus, you’ll be able to segment your users into groups and serve dynamic content to those groups based on their shared characteristics.

By creating a more seamless and relevant experience for your site visitors, you’ll increase conversions in a pinch.

If-So takes into account which pages your visitors have already looked at, so you can serve content that’s in line with their stage of the buyer’s journey.

With the Google Ads condition, you can tailor your landing page content to the user’s search term, creating a coherent experience for potential customers who find you through Google.

Serve dynamic content to visitors who came to your site from Google Ads.

Who knows best about which content suits each visitor? The visitors themselves!

So why not ask them directly?

If-So lets you add a selection field that allows visitors to choose the most relevant content for them.

Based on their self-selected demographic, geolocation, buying intent, or other parameters, you can deliver the dynamic content that’s most helpful to them.

Allow users to select their own content to offer more value to visitors.

Want to know how your dynamic content is performing? (Of course you do!)

If-So’s built-in statistics paint the picture of how many times each version was viewed and how many people converted.

If you want more data, you can integrate Google Analytics to track the visibility of each version and segment your reports accordingly.

Providing relevant content to your site visitors doesn’t have to be a guessing game, like picking out gifts for the in-laws (looks like it’ll be a bottle of wine for the third year in a row).

You’ve got a secret tool you can use to get data-driven answers based on visitors’ personal characteristics and interactions with your site.

Increase relevancy and boost conversions by delivering dynamic content to your site visitors with If-So.

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