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Saxirlo-IT deals with repairing and replacing broken and failing computer hardware.

We specialize in providing quality and affordable computer repair and IT support services for commercial and residential customers. 

We have the skills and experience to deal with any computer problem you may need help with including virus and spyware removal, sluggish computer performance, internet connection problems, networking, data transfer or backup, Windows errors, hardware upgrades, and much more.

Preventative maintenance plays a role as well. Many medium and large companies rely on computer maintenance to ensure that their equipment is able to cope with the demand.

Computer hardware is generally reliable and most computer problems are related to software issues. However computer hardware can become damaged over time and computer hardware maintenance is necessary for keeping computers up and running. Many companies stand to lose a considerable amount of money if their computers stop running, so maintenance is often a top priority in any company.

Saxirlo-IT can perform the following repair procedures on your notebook or netbook computer if you have any issues or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Screen replacement
  • PC Technical Support
  • PC Repair / Troubleshooting
  •  Memory Upgrades
  • System Security Testing
  • Hardware Upgrades / Installation
  • Software Upgrades / Installation
  • Operating System Updates
  • Anti-Virus Installation / Removal
  • Motherboard Replacement

Some of the services we provide include:

Custom Computer Builds

Need a new or refurbished desktop computer for business or home? We custom build desktop computer systems to suit your needs. Custom builds include quality parts with 3 year warranties and without the junkware you don't need.

Networking Installation

Set up, configure, and secure your modem and router; safeguard your personal information by securing your broadband signal from use by others. Setup devices for wireless connectivity.

Hardware Installation

Installation of an internal PC component or external peripheral, such as RAM Memory, graphics card, hard drive, optical drive, printer, power supply, or other item.

Virus & Spyware Removal

We specialize in virus and malware removal. We can get your computer up and running again by removing viruses, malware, spyware, and rootkits. We can make your computer like new again!

Operating System Installation

Installing a Windows operating system or OS on a new computer or a current one, we can install Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8. Includes driver installations and all Windows Service Packs and critical updates.

Data Transfer or Backup

Setting up a regular backup, migrating to a new computer, or recovering data from a non-working computer. We can transfer your data from your old computer to your new computer or external hard drive or other media.