Manage projects, tasks, and communications in one place.

Nifty Appsumolll

Stop switching between Chats, Tasks, Docs, Calendar, & Meeting tools — manage your team & client work in one simple, yet powerful app.

  • Automate client reporting as project tasks are completed, and customize each project dashboard to fit your workflow
  • Engage in real-time discussions with project members, or chat with your team 1:1
  • Alternative to: Asana and Basecamp
  • Best for Digital agencies and product teams that want to manage projects in a feature-rich collaborative workspace

Designed to keep everyone on the same page (literally), Nifty lets you view all your work in one simple, interactive dashboard, from project files to deadlines.
Projects thrive when they’re built around Nifty’s Milestones, which break down into small, action-driven tasks that bring you closer to your project goals.
With Nifty’s clean interface, you can track task assignments, activities, and time logs across projects.
Filter tasks by due dates, task assignees, and Milestones to see exactly where you and your team stand with your project progress. No more trying to guess who’s doing what.
You can also automate your progress tracking based on task completion to provide real-time project reporting and status updates.

Niftypm 1iii
Milestones provide real-time automation of In Progress, Completed, and Overdue status.

Collaboration and communication come together beautifully in Nifty’s project Discussions.

Connect with your team and your clients with real-time messaging to share ideas, collect feedback, and turn talk into action by converting any message into a task.

Create group chats or slide into a team member’s DMs for 1:1 discussions.

Plus, Nifty integrates with Zoom to seamlessly escalate team chats to an audio or video meeting.

Niftypm 2iiii
Organize your discussions into knowledge hubs, threads, or tasks!

Every superhero team needs a hub. Nifty gives your team a place to work together anywhere, at any time.

Create shared documents and notes, and invite anyone to view, comment or edit.

You can also access and share files from your computer, Dropbox, or integrate with Google Drive.

Need to find a file quickly? Go to your profile and view all file uploads across projects and discussions.

Niftypm 3iiiii
Create shared Nifty Docs or sync with your Google Drive for real-time collaboration.

When it comes to managing multiple projects (and people), staying organized is key.

Nifty shines by keeping all important insights right where you can see them—the Project Home.

Stay on top of your progress with a bird’s eye view of discussions, milestones, tasks and whatever else you want to see. You can also track how much time you’ve spent on a project.

The dashboard is fully customizable to each team member. Tailor it to fit your workflow, prioritize insights, and spend less time searching.

Niftypm 4iii
Customize each project’s home screen to fit your workflow.

Nifty’s Kanban board gives you full flexibility to organize, collaborate, and prioritize work while managing deadlines and feedback.

Whether you’re into a Kanban-style or prefer a simple, clean List view, Nifty makes it easy to swiftly move tasks from “To Do” to “Complete.”

Niftypm 5iii
Visualize your progress with a feature-packed Kanban board.

In the world of project management, nothing is more essential to reaching your goals than sticking to key dates.

Nifty’s collaborative Calendar feature puts you in the captain’s seat with an overview of your team’s deadlines and priorities.

You’ll see where each team member is (and needs to be) and never miss an important date again.

Calendar Lightiii
View all your team’s tasks and deadlines using Calendar and List views.

Your projects could use some more direction and less back-and-forth between team members.

If you need to have constant status update meetings on Zoom, you need to get Nifty.

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